Norma Ford Financial Aid Professional of the Year

“The Norma,” as the award is affectionately called, was created in honor of Norma Ford, CAPPS long-time Financial Aid trainer and CAPPS Board Member. Norma passed away in 2010. She was a dedicated and brilliant Financial Aid professional, who never failed to take the time to assist others and help them understand the intricacies required in working with students, schools, and others to successfully manage the financial aid process.

The nomination period for the 2018 Award is not yet open.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Nominees must be nominated by their Institution. The Institution must be a CAPPS Member in good standing.
  • Nominees must have at least 3 years experience as a financial aid professional.
  • In the nomination submission, please describe how the nominee goes above and beyond "duties as required" in the performance of his/her professional duties.

Recipients of The Norma

2017: Elona Owens

2016: Elizabeth Schaefer


2015: Donna Paige

2014: Andrea Georges

2013: Opel Oliver

2012: Pat Troxel

2011: Laura Bouche

2010: Tracy Cabuco