California Foundation for Private & Postsecondary Schools

What is the California Foundation for Private & Postsecondary Schools?
The California Foundation for Private & Postsecondary Schools is a 501c3 Corporation established by California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools (CAPPS) to operate a Scholarship Program for students attending Private Postsecondary Institutions in California. Since the mid 2000’s, the Foundation has solicited donors to support specific scholarships established in the name of individuals that played a significant role in our Sector of Education in California. These individuals all had a common goal of helping students achieve their dreams. CAPPS is grateful to those who have contributed their tax-deductible donations to the Foundation. We look forward to continuing our efforts to assist students achieve their vocational objectives.

Robert Johnson
CAPPS Executive Director
2520 Venture Oaks Way #170
Sacramento, CA. 95833
(916) 447-5500

About the CAPPS Memorial Scholarships

There are five Memorial Scholarships:

1. Sue Fleming Memorial Scholarship for students enrolled in an Allied Health program
2. Norma Ford Memorial Scholarship for students enrolled in a Nursing program
3. Marsha Fuerst Memorial Scholarship for women enrolled in a Medical Assistant program
4. Bonnie Manley Memorial Scholarship for students enrolled in a Cosmetology/Esthetics/Massage Therapy program
5. Mike Mikhail Memorial Scholarship for students who are recent immigrants to the United States or first-generation Americans

About Sue Fleming
Sue began her career in Allied Health in 1986 when she enrolled in a medical assisting certificate program at Western Career College. She became an instructor at the school and then department chair. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree from National University, Sue rose through the Western Career College ranks, first as dean of education, then as executive director of the Sacramento Campus. In 2004, Sue was promoted to operations director for the Central Valley campuses. Susan Marie Fleming passed away in 2005.

About Norma Ford
Norma Ford was a long-time CAPPS Financial Aid Trainer, CAPPS Board Member and one of the original Inductees into the CAPPS Hall of Fame in 2009. Norma’s accomplishments were only exceeded by the friendships that she made along the way. Norma worked in the private career school sector for over 28 years and over the last two decades was the primary trainer for the CAPPS financial aid workshops. Norma Ford passed away in 2010 after a long battle with cancer.

About Marsha Fuerst
In 1965, Marsha’s mother Ann Kalsman had a dream of opening a College to train allied health professionals. Her mother purchased a piece of property along Interstate 10 in West Covina and started to construct a small building. While the foundation was being poured for the campus, Marsha’s mother fell ill and was hospitalized. Marsha visited her bed side and her mother began coaching her as to what was to happen with the College should she not recover. She told Marsha to fulfill her dream….to open the College. Having very little knowledge about business or operating a school, Marsha jumped in feet first to realize her mother’s dream. Marsha served as President of North-West College for more than four decades—impacting thousands of students' lives by equipping them to enter and advance in the health care field. Marsha passed away in 2016.

About Bonnie Manley
Former CAPPS President Bonnie Manley’s career in the cosmetology industry spanned four decades. She was a licensed cosmetologist and educator and owned and operated three cosmetology schools in the San Diego area. Bonnie served two three-year terms on the NACCAS Commission from 1991 to 1996 and was elected the first woman Chair of the Board of NACCAS in 1993. She was strongly committed to maintaining ethical standards and integrity in business and organizational management. Bonnie Manley passed away in 2004.

About Mike Mikhail
Mohsen Aziz Mikhail, affectionately named Mike, was born in Cairo, Egypt, and earned a Bachelor’s degree from Cairo University. In 1966, Mike boarded a plane to America with a dream and $11 in his pocket. Mike worked as a CPA after arriving in America and held Controller-like positions at both public and proprietary educational institutions. In 1983, Mike began Western Career College with Dick Nathanson. Mike went on to own four schools, which he sold to Gryphon Colleges in 2004. He returned to career education in 2007, when he acquired Advanced Training Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mike Mikhail passed away in 2010.