Online GED: Reducing Barriers – Creating Success

Who is eligible to participate in CAPPS’ Online GED Program?

All representatives of CAPPS’ member schools are invited to use the GED program. A teacher, admissions representative, management, or other employee of a member school can create a member user profile at

What is the CAPPS Online GED Program?

The Online GED Program is the product of a partnership between CAPPS and Comcourse that allows students to prepare for the General Educational Development (GED) Test. The program provides educational review in all five GED subject areas–Language Arts I & II, Reading, Social Studies, Math, and Science–as well as sample GED Test questions to prepare students to take the test.

What is the cost of the CAPPS Online GED Program?

This program is free of charge to all CAPPS’ members. There are other free online preparation programs offered but the trade-off is that students must navigate through pop-ups and other advertisements while attempting to prepare themselves for a very important exam. Through the CAPPS partnership with Comcourse, students are free to focus on what’s important.

How does the CAPPS Online GED Program work?

Once a school representative registers their student(s), a confirmation email will be sent to their email address and a password will be sent to them. *The student can then log in at www.gedprepforme.comwhere they can study at their own pace.

How long does the CAPPS Online GED Program take?

The program is self-paced so the time it will take to complete is unique to each student. Some students may choose to skim the material and go through the program quickly. Hopefully, most will take their time to increase their understanding of the subjects and prepare themselves fully for the GED Test.

Why should my school utilize the CAPPS Online GED Program?

The CAPPS Online GED Program can benefit your organization in two ways. First, when a potential student contacts your school you don’t have to wait to establish a relationship until after that student has completed the necessary educational requirements for entry. You can work with a potential student during the entire GED prep process, not only maintaining but solidifying your relationship with that student. Second, the CAPPS Online GED Program isn’t just to prepare for the GED. Many older, returning students need to brush up on those skills they may have lost during the years between high school and returning to school. Returning students are encouraged to use only those sections of the GED prep program that will help them succeed today; increasing your chances of keeping those students even if they do hit a rough patch or two.

Can my students take the GED Test through CAPPS?

No. In order for students to take the GED Test they must take the test at a testing center designated by California Department of Education. For more information on the GED test go to

Can I receive reports on which of my students are using the program or how long a student spends using the program?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this program no reports are available.

What if I have technical problems with the program?

For lost passwords or login information go to and select “send my details via email”. For any other issues please contact

*Given that many people use some sort of filter for junk mail some registration e-mails may be blocked or sorted incorrectly. Please tell your students to look for an e-mail from “GED for Free” which will contain their registration information. If the student does not receive a e-mail confirming their registration they can go to where there is a link to have their login information sent again. If the student continues to experience technical problems, please contact