As a products and services provider

You will find there is no better exposure to potential clients than being actively involved in the activities of CAPPS. Your visibility and one-on-one contact with member schools is the best way to successfully build up your business.

Allied Members have appreciated the various opportunities to network by volunteering at our Memorial Scholarship Foundation fundraisers or including their services in our Welcome Basket.


Participating in our fundraising raffle games, our Exhibitor games like the CashCard, our School Demos, and our Exhibitor booths puts your name out in front of attendees as well. See the photos of our last Annual Conference event in the menu on the right side.

The CAPPS Welcome Basket

Provides the Allied Member's Primary Contact information, a brief Description of the services provided, and a Service Offer as a complimentary gift or coupon or discount to our School Members as a THANK YOU for their membership.

Please email if you would like to participate in the School Welcome Basket.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:


Website Listing: Your company is listed in the CAPPS Member Directory on our website at Our searchable directory is often the first resource schools turn to when looking for new service providers.

Referrals: CAPPS exclusively refers our school members and others interested to your products and services.

Discounted Exhibit Fees: Allied Members receive advance notice, priority registration, and significant discounts to participate in CAPPS conferences.

Advertising: Advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available at most programs throughout the year.

Sector Information: Allied Members receive the same mailings received by our school members; including timely information regarding member updates, workshop and seminar announcements, and information on local, state, and federal issues that affect our members.

Access to Membership and CAPPS Staff: Contact CAPPS at anytime for information about individual schools or sector activity, or look up members on our website.


Invest in the future of your school.

With many discounts to choose from membership starts at around $450 dependent on your status with BPPE and your gross annual tuition revenue. Many members pay just a few hundred dollars a year.

Allied Member Dues:
*$25 off membership dues if paid by by January 1st

$525 prior to January 1, 2017
$550 after January 1, 2017

*Membership is not complete until Balance Due is paid.

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