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A Key Question for Clinton’s College-Affordability Plan: Will States Buy In?


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The pillar of Hillary Clinton’s higher-education proposal that has attracted the most attention could also be a tough sell to state lawmakers. Mrs. Clinton’s proposal, which she announced on Monday at a camp... Read more >

Clinton's Big Plan for Higher Ed


Inside Higher Ed. Hillary Clinton will today unveil a massive plan to make higher education more affordable, student loan debt less burdensome and states accountable for supporting their public colleges. The plan -- which would cost $350 billion ove... Read more >

California Attorney General Investigates U of Phoenix


Inside Higher Ed. Apollo Education Group said Friday that it is being investigated by California's attorney general, Kamala Harris. The inquiry relates to the University of Phoenix, which Apollo owns, and students who are veterans or members of the ... Read more >

Universal Technical Institute continues decline in enrollment, revenue, income


Phoenix Business Journal. Universal Technical Institute Inc. (NYSE: UTI) experienced another quarter of declining enrollment, revenue and income as the Scottsdale-based automotive technical training provider looks for new ways to attract students. ... Read more >

Apollo’s University of Phoenix faces California probe over military recruiting


The Arizona Republic. California’s attorney general has opened an investigation of the University of Phoenix tied to its recruiting of members of the military, its parent company disclosed Friday. The request, which seeks records since 2010, is s... Read more >

Summer remedial courses now required for nearly half of CSU freshmen


EdSource. In a recent quiz for her class of incoming Cal State Fullerton freshmen – who had all failed an algebra placement exam – Cherlyn Converse asked the students to solve a polynomial equation by factoring its properties. The 35 students h... Read more >

Asking everyone’s rich uncle to pay for school


Bloomberg Business. Laura Strong, a 29-year-old in suburban Chicago, owes $245,000 on student loans for the psychology Ph.D. she finished in 2013. This year, she says she hopes to earn $35,000 working part-time jobs as a therapist and yoga teacher... Read more >

When California Eliminated Its Higher-Ed Commission, Little Was Lost, Speaker Says


The Chronicle of Higher Education. Ken O’Donnell, an administrator in the California State University system, says life without a statewide coordinating board "ain’t that bad." But that doesn’t mean some things aren’t lost without such an a... Read more >

ABA Tightens Rules on Employment Reporting


Inside Higher Ed. The employment data of several law schools will start to look very different after two American Bar Association decisions Friday. The ABA affirmed a decision from earlier this year that requires law schools, starting next year, to... Read more >

Laureate Paid Bill Clinton $16.5 Million


Inside Higher Ed. Laureate Education, a for-profit chain with a global reach, paid Bill Clinton $16.5 million between 2010 and 2014, Bloomberg reported last week. Clinton had served as an honorary chancellor for Laureate International Universiti... Read more >

Don't Just Blame For-Profit Colleges for Exploding Grad School Debt


Forbes. Last month the Center for American Progress (CAP ) reported that a short list of 20 graduate schools were responsible for 25 percent of all federal student loan borrowing. The list was dominated by for-profit colleges, with Walden Univers... Read more >

Obama administration is wrong on 'gainful employment'


The Hill. Recently, a chorus of critics of the for-profit education sector publicly began a written assault against those schools. Like most of the recent criticism, it was flush with words like "predatory," "crushing debt" and "useless degrees." I... Read more >

ITT's CEO staying, CFO leaving after disappointing quarter

07/30/2015 The CEO is staying longer than planned, but the chief financial officer is leaving earlier than expected after ITT Educational Services Inc. reported a second-quarter profit way below Wall Street's expectations. The Carmel-based operator of... Read more >

White House Summit on Short-Term Training Programs


Inside Higher Ed. The White House is hosting a meeting today on the growing boot camp and coding academy space, which offers short-term training programs to students. Other alternative providers, such as online course platforms, also are on the agen... Read more >

Two-Plus-Two in Temecula


Inside Higher Ed. With 110,000 residents, the city of Temecula is in one of California’s fastest growing regions. But the nearest public university is more than 30 miles away, an unusually large distance for densely populated Southern California. ... Read more >

Federal Trade Commission Opens Broad Investigation of U. of Phoenix


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The University of Phoenix is the subject of an extensive investigation by the Federal Trade Commission to determine whether it engaged in deceptive practices, according to a corporate filing on Wednesday by its p... Read more >

Pell for Prisoners Announcement Coming


Inside Higher Ed. The U.S. Department of Education is moving closer to an official announcement of an experiment to allow some prisoners to receive Pell Grants. On Monday Arne Duncan, the education secretary, came close to dropping the details for a... Read more >

Rally for Recognition


Inside Higher Ed. Chants of "Students Over CEOs" and "ITT Is the Worst" echoed around the plaza near the hotel in this Washington, D.C., suburb Monday. About 20 student advocates against student debt organized the protest held brightly colored s... Read more >

Obama's Higher Ed Home Stretch


Inside Higher Ed. American higher education is failing “far too many of our students,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan was scheduled to say Monday, as he calls for colleges to be held more accountable for graduating students with high-quality ... Read more >

Ed Tech's Funding Frenzy


Inside Higher Ed. With $2.51 billion invested in educational-technology companies during the first half of 2015, investors continue to defy fears that interest in the sector is waning. Yet analysts say the staggering figure distracts from ... Read more >

Federal Accreditation Advisory Panel Seeks More Power


Inside Higher Ed. The federal panel charged with advising the U.S. Department of Education on accreditation is calling on policy makers to give it the final authority to decide which accrediting agencies deserve the federal government's re... Read more >

Kaplan CEO Steps Down


Inside Higher Ed. Kaplan's CEO, Thomas C. Leppert, will step down after two years on the job, the for-profit higher education company said on Thursday. Leppert will be replaced by Andrew S. Rosen, the executive vice president of Graham Hol... Read more >

The Shrinking Sector


Inside Higher Ed. As enrollments tumble at for-profit colleges, the number of proprietary institutions is dwindling, too. Data released by the Education Department's National Center for Education Statistics Thursday show that 3,436 for-profit colle... Read more >

Caution and Competency


Inside Higher Ed. In recent years the U.S. Senate has done plenty of hand-wringing over “bad actors” in higher education, many of them for-profit and online. And that tension goes back to policy debates on distance education in the 199... Read more >

Consumer Groups Urge Feds to Flag Colleges Under Investigation


Inside Higher Ed. The Obama administration’s new college comparison website, which it’s now developing in lieu of college ratings, should include information about colleges facing investigations or lawsuits from state or federal author... Read more >

U. of California Will Increase Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The University of California system will raise its minimum wage for direct and contract employees to $15 an hour over the next three years, it announced on Wednesday. The plan, unveiled at a meeting of the Board of... Read more >

Ken Braun: Public universities should have to tell students what they're buying

07/22/2015 In Amsterdam during 1624, the princely sum of 3,000 guilders was roughly equal to a year's salary for a wealthy merchant. It was also the going rate for a single Semper Augustus — a flower furiously traded by the Dutch during their infa... Read more >

Taxpayers Could Lose Billions If Students Walk Away From Loans


Bloomberg Business. Cody Roderiques, a college senior, owes the federal government more than $100,000 for his student loans. He may not have to pay taxpayers back. That’s because the New England Institute of Art is vanishing around him. On the ... Read more >

CAPPS Comments - Final Block Regulations


CAPPS Comments - Final Block Regulations... Read more >

Experimenting With Aid


Inside Higher Ed. The U.S. Department of Education continues to work on its plan to grant experimental federal aid eligibility to partnerships between accredited colleges and alternative providers, such as job skills boot camps, coding academies and... Read more >

Who killed Heald College?


Yahoo Finance. Last fall, in the midst of a two-year accounting program at Heald College’s Fresno, Calif., campus, Feliciano Castaneda started to worry. His school was on the brink of closure, according to news reports. Heald’s parent company, ... Read more >

Teenagers and Colleges Are of 2 Minds on the Best Recruitment Strategies


The Chronicle of Higher Education. If you understand teenagers, then — wait, does anybody really understand teenagers? No, of course not. But colleges spend a lot of time and money recruiting them. That means embracing various communication strate... Read more >

Guaranty Agency Fights


Inside Higher Ed. More than five years after President Obama won his contentious fight to remove private lenders from the federal government’s student loan program, his administration is still sparring with parts of the student lending industry. ... Read more >

Closure Concerns and Financial Strategies: a Survey of College Business Officers


Inside Higher Ed. Nearly one in five college and university chief business officers are worried their institutions are at risk of shutting down in the foreseeable future, and skepticism over the financial model of their institutions continues from l... Read more >

Boosting Aid


Inside Higher Ed. California is poised to be the next domino to fall in offering "free" two-year college to students. But questions remain over whether or not that domino will fall. When it comes to tuition and fees, California already has the lowe... Read more >

Judge Denies Preliminary Injunction Against CollegeAmerica


CollegeAmerica. Judge Denies Colorado Attorney General's Motion for Preliminary Injunction Against CollegeAmerica Denver, Colorado (July 20, 2015)  — Background On December 1, 2014, the Colorado Attorney General's ("AG") office filed a compla... Read more >

Most popular colleges for TA & GI Bill — latest trends


Military Times While veterans and their families continue to flock to the Post-9/11 GI Bill — with use rising 4.7 percent in fiscal 2014 — the number of service members using the tuition assistance benefit, generally intended for those on active... Read more >

Reshaping the For-Profit


Inside Higher Ed. The large for-profit college chain isn't dead. Stop the funeral dirges -- or celebratory hymns, depending on where you fall on the political spectrum. Yes, Corinthian Colleges hit bust. Yes, ITT Education Services i... Read more >

Association to Focus on Postsecondary Career Education


APSCU. The Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities announced today plans to focus its collective work on postsecondary education with career skills, in response to the essential need to empower 55 million new workers with the skills ... Read more >

Judge Throws Out UC San Diego Misconduct Findings


Inside Higher Ed. A state judge has ordered the University of California at San Diego to drop all findings of guilt (and an associated suspension) against a male student found guilty by the institution of sexual misconduct, The Los Angeles Timesrep... Read more >

Education Department Updates Cash Monitoring List


Inside Higher Ed. The total number of colleges that U.S. Department of Education regulators are more closely monitoring because of concerns about their ability to handle federal funds ticked downward slightly last month, recently released... Read more >

New Student Loans For A New For-Profit Education Sector


NPR. Coder boot camps. Accelerated learning programs. New economy skills training. Whatever you call them, these new players in higher education are multiplying. The intensive programs say they can teach job-ready skills in technology, design and... Read more >

Four-D College closes; 600 students, faculty, staff displaced


The Sun. After 23 years of graduating more than 18,000 students, Four-D College — which has a campus in Colton and another in Victorville — announced Sunday evening that it is closing its doors effective immediately. Nearly 600 students, facult... Read more >

The Obama administration’s plan to lower the student debt payments of millions more Americans


The Washington Post. Six million more Americans could soon benefit from the government’s most generous student loan repayment plan as the Obama administration expands a program that has become a cornerstone of the president’s education policy. ... Read more >

After Corinthian, scrutiny on college grad jobs may widen


The Orange County Register. This month, a regulation went into effect cutting federal money to career-training programs whose graduates – like many of those from shuttered Corinthian Colleges – can’t find decent jobs. The Obama administration... Read more >

White House Balks at Senate's Education Spending Bill


Inside Higher Ed. The Obama administration has expressed a slew of concerns about the Senate's version of the 2016 spending bill for the Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, and Labor, including that it would redirect funds away from... Read more >

Bridgepoint’s Ashford U. Will Close Its Iowa Campus


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The for-profit educator Bridgepoint Education Inc. announced on Thursday that the Clinton, Iowa, campus of its Ashford University would shut down next year. The company cited an “inability to meet campus enroll... Read more >

Celebrations, Not Tests


Inside Higher Ed. Students entering a classroom to take a test can be filled with a sense of dread. But in one classroom at Baylor University, students in some sections of Introduction to Sociology are greeted by balloons, streamers, bright lights a... Read more >

For Now, Education Dept. Won’t Act Against Former Corinthian Students in Default


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The U.S. Education Department has agreed not to take legal action against former students of the defunct Corinthian Colleges who have defaulted on their student loans, Reuters reports. The department also won’t... Read more >

$339K in Debt for 2 Daughters


Inside Higher Ed. Admissions and financial aid experts have been increasingly worried in recent years that horror stories about debt could discourage low-income students from applying to college at all. And many of those horror stories suggest that ... Read more >

Accreditor Takes U. of Phoenix Off Notice 2 Years After Concerns Were Raised


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The University of Phoenix’s accrediting agency has removed the institution from the “notice” status it imposed two years ago over concerns about the for-profit giant’s governance structure. The university... Read more >

More Than a Third of College Students Transfer


Inside Higher Ed. New data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center show that 37.2 percent of college students transfer at least once within six years. The research is based on the center's virtually comprehensive database of Americ... Read more >

The real issue is still real jobs


The Hill. By Steve Gunderson. In a recent commentary, Education Secretary Arne Duncan painted the U.S. Department of Education’s closing of Corinthian Colleges as “the right thing to do.” The Department’s clumsy response left tens of thousa... Read more >

Democrats Unveil Bill to Help Realize Obama's Free-College Proposal


The Chronicle of Higher Education. A team of congressional Democrats on Wednesday introduced a bill that would make community college free for two years and help cover the costs of a four-year degree at minority-serving institutions, pushing forwa... Read more >

Rule on Financial Products Draws Criticism, Praise


Inside Higher Ed. Virtually every college, company, advocacy group and other party that commented on proposed new federal rules on campus financial products by last week's deadline asserted that it had students' best interests at heart. Yet the var... Read more >

For-Profit Group to Appeal Gainful Employment Ruling


Inside Higher Ed. The primary trade group for the for-profit sector, the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU), said last week that it will appeal a federal court ruling over the Obama administration-led gainful employment ... Read more >

Debt Forgiveness and Liquidation


Inside Higher Ed. The messy dismantling of Corinthian Colleges is moving through a federal bankruptcy court, as a judge mulls whether to halt loan repayments for up to 350,000 former students and the defunct for-profit chain seeks the court’s appr... Read more >

For-Profit Group Will Appeal Decision Upholding Gainful-Employment Rule


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The main trade association of for-profit colleges will appeal a ruling that upholds the U.S. Education Department’s gainful-employment rule, the group announced in a news release on Thursday. Steve Gunderson, p... Read more >

U. of Phoenix Looks to Shrink Itself With New Admissions Requirements and Deep Cuts


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The University of Phoenix, losing profitability because of falling enrollments and high dropout rates, announced on Monday that it would eliminate most of its associate-degree programs, close even more of its p... Read more >

Reactions to the Education Dept.’s Retreat on College Ratings


The Chronicle of Higher Education. People who watch higher education professionally (or, perhaps more disturbingly, for fun) were not exactly surprised to learn on Thursday morning that the Obama administration had stripped the ratings component ou... Read more >

Education Dept. Names ‘Special Master’ to Oversee Corinthian Loan Discharge


The Chronicle of Higher Education. [Updated (6/25/2015, 4:18 p.m.) with further details from the department's conference call with reporters on Thursday.] The U.S. Department of Education has appointed a “special master” charged with overseeing... Read more >

Education Department Now Plans a College-Rating System Minus the Ratings


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The U.S. Department of Education has retreated from its controversial plan to create a giant college-ratings system, top officials revealed on Wednesday. Instead, by late summer the department is now promising to p... Read more >

Gainful Employment for Graduate Schools?


Inside Higher Ed. Sometimes to really understand a story, you have to read it against another one. This week, a couple of stories came out that didn’t seem all that surprising individually, but that clanged together in an unexpected way. The fir... Read more >

Former Student Loan Watchdog Takes on ITT


Inside Higher Ed. The former student loan ombudsman for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -- who is still taking on for-profit colleges from his new perch -- sent a letter to ITT Educational Services investors Wednesday asking them to reform ... Read more >

Group's Call to Action for Accreditors


Inside Higher Ed. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) has summoned regional and national accreditors to a July meeting that Judith Eaton, the group's president, described as an urgent "call to action." Eaton, speaking at the group... Read more >

Ratings Without ... Rating


Inside Higher Ed. The federal government will not compare colleges or pass judgment on their relative merits as part of the ratings system the U.S. Department of Education plans to release before the end of the summer, department officials said Wedn... Read more >

Senate Plan Portends Budget Battles


Inside Higher Ed. A U.S. Senate subcommittee on Tuesday passed a spending billfor health, labor and education programs that would increase funds for biomedical research and boost the maximum Pell Grant -- but slash spending on workforce training an... Read more >

Judge Rejects Second 'Gainful' Challenge


Inside Higher Ed. A federal judge dismissed a second challenge Tuesday to the U.S. Department of Education's gainful employment rule. U.S. District Court Judge John Bates upheld the department's gainful employment regulations, including the debt-t... Read more >

Crain's editorial: Cage it


Crain's Cleveland. When President Lyndon Johnson signed the Higher Education Act 50 years ago, he said the following at the signing ceremony, held at his alma mater Southwest Texas State College: “The President’s signature upon this legislation... Read more >

Education Dept. Calls Imminent Rule a Reminder to States of Their Oversight Role


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The U.S. Department of Education, in a letter meant to highlight to states their responsibilities to oversee colleges and protect students, reminded colleges on Friday that, beginning on July 1, they could lose t... Read more >

The US government’s predatory-lending program


POLITICO. Most parents will do just about anything for their children, especially when it comes to education. Predictably, at a time when college costs are exploding and students are staggering under more than $1 trillion in debt, one opportunistic... Read more >

Debt-Free and (Mostly) Detail-Free


Inside Higher Ed. As the idea of debt-free college swirls around the Democratic presidential campaign and some liberal policy circles, the groups that represent colleges and universities are sizing up what it might mean for them. For the most part,... Read more >

Career Education Corp. Sells Brooks Institute


Inside Higher Ed. Career Education Corporation, a major for-profit chain, announced Thursday that it is selling Brooks Institute to gphomestay, a company that works on international student programs at high schools and colleges in the U.S. The Ca... Read more >

High Stakes and a Potential Standoff Over Student-Loan Debt Relief


The Wall Street Journal. The U.S. Department of Education is opening what could be a very large (and, for taxpayers, expensive) door to debt relief. As the department ponders its standard for forgiving loans, potentially tens of thousands of borrowe... Read more >

Clinton criticizes predatory lenders, for-profit colleges during veterans forum in Nevada


Brandon Sun. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday vowed to protect veterans from aggressive for-profit colleges and predatory lenders while preserving the dominance of the U.S. military. The former secretary of state... Read more >

A Pincer Movement: U.S. Department Of Education vs. For-Profit Schools


Daily Caller. Recently a Federal District Court in New York ruled against a coalition of New York private for-profit colleges in a suit where they sought relief from the U.S. Department of Education’s “gainful employment” rule, which is set to... Read more >

Block That Regulation!


Inside Higher Ed. Take your higher education regulations and shove them, Obama administration. Republicans in the House of Representatives didn't use exactly those words in the 2016 spending bill for the Department of Education they released Tues... Read more >

The toughest for-profit college rules in years are here. And lawmakers are still fighting over them.


The Washington Post. A spending plan released by a House committee Tuesday would prevent the Obama administration from moving forward with new regulations limiting the amount of debt students can carry in career-training programs, two weeks before... Read more >

U.S. For-Profits in Brazil


Inside Higher Ed. Business is booming in Brazil for DeVry Education Group, an Illinois-based, publicly traded for-profit education company. DeVry reports that it enrolls more than 58,000 degree-seeking students in Brazil, plus another 53,000 studen... Read more >

'Debt-Free College' Is Democrats' New Rallying Cry


The Chronicle of Higher Education. Debt-free college, a concept that seemed wildly improbable just months ago, is quickly becoming a centerpiece of the 2016 presidential campaign. Already, two Democratic candidates have endorsed some version of the... Read more >

Obamanomics, sidetracked


The Washington Post. It’s not only on trade that President Obama seems to be losing his party. With inequality rising and wages flat, Democrats are pushing Hillary Clinton to move beyond Obamanomics and offer something more dramatic and more radic... Read more >



Higher Education For All. View a PDF of the letter. June 11, 2015 The Honorable Ted MitchellUnder SecretaryU.S. Department of Education400 Maryland Avenue, SWWashington, DC 20202 VIA EMAIL Dear Under Secretary Mitchell: I read with disappointme... Read more >

For-Profit Group Criticizes Education Dept. on Corinthian


Inside Higher Ed. The Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities sent a letter to U.S. Department of Education Under Secretary Ted Mitchell Thursday expressing disappointment in how the federal agency views the for-profit sector in th... Read more >

A Path to Debt-Free


Inside Higher Ed. Seeking to put some policy heft behind the progressive vision of debt-free college that is gaining steam on the campaign trail, Senator Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday outlined a sweeping college affordability agenda to “dramatica... Read more >

Remediation for Job Seekers


Inside Higher Ed. In recent years a wide range of companies have sprung up to help fix the so-called skills gap -- the gulf between what employers need and what college graduates can do. These upstarts include coding academies and job-training bo... Read more >

Coding Boot Camps Are on the Rise


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The unaccredited education programs known as coding boot camps are proliferating, and gaining more students. This year the number of graduates from such programs is expected to hit 16,000, up from 6,740 in 2014, ac... Read more >

BPPE Proposed Rule


Amendments to the Private Postsecondary Educational Institutions Rules Establishing Uniform Reporting Requirements  Issue: Education Subissue: Regulatory Structure First Reported: 12/06/2013 Date Updated: 06/09/2015 Contact: Joanne Wenzel 916-4... Read more >

Congress Turns Attention to Higher Education Act Renewal


Education Week. With movement currently stalled on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act reauthorization in both chambers of Congress, lawmakers have turned their attention to another pressing education matter: overhauling the Higher Education... Read more >

An unprecedented number of borrowers could soon qualify for student debt forgiveness


The Washington Post. The Obama administration’s plan to forgive the federal loans of Corinthian Colleges students could usher in an unprecedented number of debt forgiveness requests from borrowers at other for-profit schools and cost taxpayers... Read more >

Sen. Alexander Vows to Block New Obama Education Regulations


National Journal. The head of the Senate committee in charge of education legislation said Tuesday that he'd like to block two of the Obama administration's key efforts to ensure colleges serve students well. Sen. Lamar Alexander, a Tennessee Repub... Read more >

Debt Relief Unveiled


Inside Higher Ed. The federal government will forgive the debt of thousands of former students of Corinthian Colleges, the Obama administration said Monday as it announced a new debt relief plan that will extend to all federal borrowers who can prov... Read more >

Education Dept. Says It Will Forgive Debt of Many Corinthian Students


The Chronicle of Higher Education. As it announced a plan on Monday to forgive the debt incurred by many former students of Corinthian Colleges, the U.S. Department of Education promised reforms that could make it easier for other students who fe... Read more >

Overseeing the Outsourced


Inside Higher Ed. Colleges in recent years have increasingly turned to outside companies to manage parts of the financial aid process and provide other services to students. And the boom in outsourcing now has federal regulators racing to keep up. ... Read more >

Jim Patterson: Victims of Heald closure deserve financial help


Fresno Bee. Attorney General Kamala Harris, with help from her allies in the U.S. Department of Education, has forced the closure of 28 privately-owned college campuses, stalling the futures of thousands of students. Not only did Harris shut down Ca... Read more >

Colleges and Graduates, Survey Says...


Inside Higher Ed. For the first time, the postcollege outcomes of recent graduates have been collected and analyzed by a national organization using data gathered by more than 200 higher education institutions, all using the same methodology. A ne... Read more >

Little Love Lost in the Letters Between Dick Durbin and ITT


The Chronicle of Higher Education. The letters that passed between the 19th-century poets Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning are renowned for their lyrical expressions of mutual love. The much-more-recent correspondence between U.S. Sen. Richard... Read more >

Report: Student Loan Debt Stratified by Race, Class


Diverse Issues in Higher Education. It’s well known that graduating college students in recent years have faced student loan debt at unprecedented levels far exceeding that of previous generations of American graduates. Nonetheless, a new report r... Read more >

Rebooting the Career College


Inside Higher Ed. As a guarantor of student loans that specialized in collecting from students on the precipice of bankruptcy, the Educational Credit Management Corporation saw up close the “impact of students taking on debt, dropping out of schoo... Read more >

Rep. John Kline says he is in favor of loan forgiveness for Corinthian students


StarTribune. Amid mounting national pressure on the Obama administration to forgive billions of dollars of federal loans owed by former students of the now defunct Corinthian Colleges, the most powerful man on the education committee in the U.S. Hou... Read more >

The Future Of An Illusion: The Higher-Ed 'Funding Cuts' Myth


Forbes. For years now, students, parents, and taxpayers have worried over college-tuition hyperinflation and its concomitant, massive student-loan debt. And for good reason. Over the past quarter-century, average tuition prices have increased 440 pe... Read more >