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California A.B. 1544 - Governance & State Oversight (Regulatory Structure)


Sponsor: Assemblymember Travis Allen (R)

Summary: Increases the membership of the Student Aid Commission to 16 by adding an additional representative from public, proprietary or nonprofit postsecondary schools located in California.

Amendment #1 (4/1/2014):


Status: Introduced 1/23/2014. Referred to Committee on Higher Education 3/28/2014. Amended, re-referred to Committee on Higher Education 4/2/2014.

Outlook: This measure was withdrawn by the sponsor, amended into your issue scope and re-referred to the Assembly Committee on Higher Education, upon which the sponsor does not serve. The author's amendment adds a representative of proprietary postsecondary schools to the Student Aid Commission. No timeframe for consideration has been made available by the committee.

This measure, introduced by Assemblymember Travis Allen (R), is considered a spot bill, which did not contain the full text of the sponsor's proposal. Spot bills are introduced before the Legislature's filing deadline as technical, nonsubstantive bills and are later amended by their authors with new text. As the full text of spot bills are still in the drafting stages, their intent is not released to the public. The sponsor is a member of the majority party but has yet to garner the cosponsorship of any other member of the chamber. The Democratic Party controls both chambers of the Legislature as well as the Office of Governor. 

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