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California S.B. 845 - Governance & State Oversight


Sponsor: Senator Lou Correa (D)

Summary: Requests each governing body of an accredited private postsecondary education institution to develop a model contract governing the disbursement of financial aid, scholarships, campus-based aid or school refund onto a debit card, prepaid card or other preloaded card issued by a financial institution, and make a model contract available on its Internet Web site. 

As amended:


Status: Introduced; referred to Committee on Rules 1/9/2014. Referred to Senate Committee on Education 1/23/2014. Referred to Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee 1/23/2014. Amended, re-referred to Senate Committee on Education 2/25/2014. Hearing scheduled 3/19/2014.

Outlook: The Senate Education Committee will accept public testimony during the March 19 hearing. Written testimony should be submitted in advance of the hearing. Generally, measures are acted upon during their public hearing if they are considered by the committee. Action will be taken at the discretion of the chairman.

This measure has been amended by the author to specify that each model contract may be developed in consultation with stake holders including statewide student associations and not individual student organizations. The measure was re-referred to the Senate Committee on Education for consideration.

The sponsor serves as a member of the Senate Committee on Education, chaired by Senator Carol Liu (D). The Senate Committee on Rules also referred this measure to the Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee where the sponsor serves as chair. Committees are not required to consider every measure referred to them; however, the likelihood of this measure moving quickly through both committees is high. By rule, neither committee can act upon this measure until February 8.

The sponsor is a member of the majority party and has not garnered the cosponsorship of any other member of the chamber. The Democratic Party controls both chambers of the Legislature as well as the office of the Governor.

Effective Date: Upon approval of the Governor

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