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California A.B. 1085 - State Financial Aid


Sponsor: Assemblymember Beth Gaines (R)

Summary: Current version (4/16/2013): Increases the maximum annual tuition award for Cal Grant A and B awards for new recipients attending private for-profit and nonprofit postsecondary educational institutions to $9,708.

Current version (4/16/2013):

Status: Introduced 2/22/2013. Referred to Assembly Higher Education Committee 3/7/2013. Amended; reported favorably 4/15/2013. Rereferred to Assembly Committee on Appropriations 4/17/2013. Hearing held; placed in suspense file 5/1/2013. Failed to meet chamber passage deadline 1/31/2014.

Outlook: This measure has failed to meet the January 31 chamber passage deadline established by Joint Rule 61(b)(3). Pursuant to Article IV, Section 10(c) of the state constitution this measure has died and is unable to receive further consideration this session

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