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Critics Question Los Angeles College District’s Plan to Adjust Executives’ Pay


THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION. APRIL 17, 2013.  A proposal by the Los Angeles Community College District to lower the car allowances given to top executives and use the extra money to increase salaries has drawn fire from opponents who say the adjustments are inappropriate at a time when the district has lost millions in state support. Other critics have questioned the proposal because the district’s faculty and staff haven’t received raises in years. College officials are defending what they call the “rebalancing” plan, however, saying that the adjustments would not result in a net increase or decrease to compensation. They also argue that salaries for community-college presidents in Los Angeles lag behind those of presidents in other districts.

Senior executives receive a $1,530 monthly allowance, the highest of any district in the state. Under a plan to be considered by the Board of Trustees on Wednesday, that amount would be reduced to $500 a month, effective July 1.

The difference of $1,030 would be shifted to increase the salary schedules of nine campus presidents and six district administrators. New salaries for presidents would range from $175,652 to $204,092, compared with the current $163,292 to $191,732.

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