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Graduate Sues Arm of Corinthian Colleges Over Alleged Fraud


THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION.  FEBRUARY 18, 2013.  A graduate of Everest University, a for-profit institution that is owned by Corinthian Colleges Inc., has alleged in a lawsuit that recruiters misled him about his ability to transfer credits and therefore left him holding a worthless degree. In the lawsuit, the graduate says a recruiter told him he could transfer his credits to a community college, but he says he was turned away when he tried to do so a year after enrolling. A Corinthian spokesman could not be reached for comment by the Tampa Tribune.

Corinthian Colleges, a publicly traded company with 91,000 students in the United States and Canada, has been the target of similar litigation, including in Florida.

In a regulatory filing for the fiscal quarter ending Dec. 31, Corinthian acknowledged being the target of three active whistleblower suits regarding the way admissions personnel were paid. It also acknowledged several pending shareholders’ suits.