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CA Department of Consumer Affairs, Dental Hygiene Committee final regulation effective 8/4/2014


Expanded Functions Course Approval 

Issue: Professional Board Requirements
Subissue: Allied Health Education Requirements
First Reported: 07/08/2013
Date Updated: 08/06/2014
Contact: Lori Hubble (916) 263-1978
Citation: 16 CCR 1107-1108
Upcoming Action: Nothing scheduled
Status: Pending Publication
Regulation ID: CA23516

Rule Summary:

The Department's Dental Hygiene Committee (Committee) approved regulations addressing expanded functions course approval. The rule amendments would establish Committee requirements for the approval of courses in soft tissue curettage, administration of local anesthesia and administration of nitrous oxide used as an analgesic. These practices are allowed to be performed by hygienists in California, but certain hygienists with out-of-state training may not have received training in these procedures and course providers are approved on a case-by-case basis.  

This rulemaking would establish a uniform application for a course provider applicant for approval of educational courses in the administration of local anesthesia agents, administration of nitrous oxide–oxygen analgesia, and periodontal soft tissue.  In particular, the rule would establish requirements for program administration, faculty, facilities and equipment, general and specific curriculum content, record keeping and student learning resources.  

A copy of the May 2014 meeting agenda:

A copy of the second 15-day comment period text is available at:

A copy of the 12/7/2013 meeting agenda is available at:

A copy of the 15-day comment period text is available at:  

Agenda for 9/6/2013 meeting: (item #12 )

Notice of the proposed regulation (page 4):

Rule Development:

OAL has approved the rule.  The rule is effective 8/4/2014.  Notice is pending publication in the California Register.

The Committee held a public hearing regarding the proposed rule 8/21/2013 and accepted comments through the same day.  A Committee meeting was held 9/6/2013, and the agenda contained discussion on and potential action to amend the draft rule language.  Staff internally reviewed the comments received and prepared the rule for a 15-day comment period.  Staff released the rule for a 15-day comment period. Comments were due 10/24/2013.  Staff discussed this rulemaking at the Committee meeting on 12/7/2013. Staff released notice of the modified rule for a second 15-day comment period. Comments were due 12/31/2013 on the modifications only. Staff discussed the rule at the 5/3/2014 Committee meeting. Staff internally completed the final rulemaking package. Staff submitted the rule to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL).