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Middle-Class Calif. Students Will Get Hundreds of Dollars in Tuition Grants


The Chronicle of Higher Education. June 24, 2014.

Students from middle-class families in the University of California and California State University systems will find out within the next several weeks whether they will have hundreds of dollars chopped off their tuition bills with grants in the coming academic year.

The grants, which will total up to $1,450 each for University of California students and up to $650 each for Cal State students, are aimed at lightening the burden of college costs on families that don’t qualify for aid available to those with the lowest incomes.

Roughly 156,000 students are slated to receive the grants, which are administered by the California Student Aid Commission. The amount of the grants may triple during the next three years and eventually cover 10 to 40 percent of tuition.

Some financial relief is in sight for thousands of middle-class students at California’s public universities, under a new and unusual state program that will provide aid to families that earn up to $150,000 annually.

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