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California State U. Plans to Add 700 Full-Time Faculty Jobs Next Year


The Chronicle of Higher Education. June 2, 2014.

California State University plans to add 700 full-time positions to the faculty next year, after years of cuts in the system, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Comprising 23 campuses, California State is the largest four-year public-university system in the country. And while student applications are at an all-time high, the number of full-time, tenured or tenure-track faculty members has decreased from roughly 10,700 in 2008 to 9,800 in 2013. Lecturers have taken on a greater role systemwide.

Funding for the new hires comes largely from an extra $125-million provided for the system in the state budget last year. And in his 2014-15 budget proposal, Gov. Jerry Brown has allocated an additional $142.2-million each to the Cal State and University of California systems. That money would enable Cal State to hire even more full-time faculty members.