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A.B. 2247 - Governance & State Oversight


Sponsor: Assemblymember Das Williams (D)

Summary: Requires each campus or other unit of a private postsecondary educational institution that receives public funding through state or federal financial aid programs, is institutionally accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education and offers education and training programs to California students to make final institutional accreditation documents available to the public via the institution’s Internet Web site.

Amendment #1 (5/1/2014):

As introduced:

Status: Introduced 2/21/2014. Referred to Assembly Committee on Higher Education 3/6/2014. Hearing held, reported 4/22/2014. Amended, re-referred to Committee on Appropriations 4/24/2014. Amended 5/1/2014. Hearing scheduled 5/7/2014.

Outlook: This measure was withdrawn by the sponsor a second time, amended and re-referred to the Assembly Committee on Appropriations. The author's amendment is technical in nature. At the scheduled hearing, the Committee on Appropriations will accept limited public testimony. A vote on this measure is expected at the hearing. Should the Committee determine this measure has a significant fiscal impact, it may place this measure in its suspense file for consideration at a later time.

The Assembly Committee on Higher Education recommended this measure for passage by a 12-0 vote and reported it to the full chamber for consideration. Registering in favor of the measure were representatives of California Competes, Center for Public Interest Law at the University of San Diego School of Law, Children's Advocacy Institute (CAI) at the University of San Diego School of Law, Public Advocates and the Institute for College Access and Success. No opposition was registered with the committee; however, a representative on the University of Phoenix testified in opposition before the committee.

The sponsor is a member of the majority party. Democrats control both chambers of the Legislature as well as the office of the Governor.

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