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Why Wait to Do the Right Things?


The Wall Street Journal. March 26, 2014.

One other point about the "gainful employment" regulation that wasn't covered in your editorial "Education's ObamaCare" (March 22): The Education Department holds private-sector colleges to a standard that many public and independent colleges cannot meet. About half of student borrowers nationally, across sectors, have a debt-to-income ratio above the proposed 8% debt-to-earnings threshold, and about a third above 12%. The average for independent colleges is 16%—well above the threshold. Why the different standards? Surely one rule should be applied fairly to all.

Daniel Hamburger

President and CEO

DeVry Education Group

Downers Grove, Ill.


You point out the continuing hypocrisy in the president's approach to helping the poorest and least fortunate young Americans. I was pleased to hear that President Obama will attempt to do something with his "My Brother's Keeper" initiative to assist young minority men. I just don't understand why he's chosen to wait until after his presidency to help. Why not do something now, while he has his "pen and phone" handy?

Why not push for a minimum wage below $7 for entry-level teenagers so they have a chance to get work experience and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that only comes with one's first real paycheck? Why not "reset" Arne Duncan and back off the attack on for-profit colleges and take on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and the National Education Association on their war against charter schools. How about calling off Eric Holder from destroying vouchers for the kids in Louisiana? A decent elementary and high-school education provide the only real hope for minorities to break free from poverty and eternal government assistance.

C'mon, man. You've got the ball. Make a difference while you actually can.

John J. Garvey Jr.

Reynoldsburg, Ohio