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College-Enrollment Growth Will Slow Through 2022, Report Projects


The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Feb 27, 2014.

The number of students enrolled in college will grow by 14 percent from the fall of 2011 to the fall of 2022, but that rate of growth will be considerably smaller than the 45-percent increase during the previous 14-year period, according to projections in a U.S. Department of Education report released on Thursday.

The report, “Projections of Education Statistics to 2022,” is the latest in a series of annual forecasts of college-enrollment statistics, which offer predictions by characteristics such as students’ age, sex, and race or ethnicity. The report also contains forecasts of the numbers of degrees conferred from the 2010-11 to the 2022-23 academic years.

The report projects that both public and private institutions will see enrollment gains of 14 percent from 2011 to 2022. Those projected increases are a percentage point lower than what the Education Department predicted in its previous report, on college enrollments from 2010 to 2021.