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California’s Higher-Education Leaders Pledge More Cooperation


The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 23, 2014.The leaders of California’s three public higher-education systems attended a meeting of the University of California’s regents on Wednesday and pledged to cooperate more on issues like student transfers, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The leaders—Janet Napolitano of the University of California, Timothy P. White of California State University, and Brice W. Harris of the California Community Colleges—said they wanted to ease some barriers between their systems, whose missions are defined by a 1960 law known as the California Master Plan for Higher Education, but they also want to maintain the plan’s basic tenets.

Gov. Jerry Brown, who has described the Master Plan as in need of updating, called on the three leaders to develop more-innovative collaborations. He also said he wanted more-imaginative ideas for improving higher education, possibly forming new entities online or elsewhere. He did not offer specifics.