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6 California Colleges Found to Have Violated Federal Campus-Crime Law


The Chronicle of Higher Education - October 16, 2012

Six California colleges are out of compliance with the main federal law on campus-crime reporting, according to a report published on Tuesday by the state auditor. Under the law, the Clery Act, colleges and universities are obligated to report on incidents of crime on their campuses and to publicize their campus-security policies.

The California audit found that six colleges had statistical errors in their crime reports for 2010, and four of them lacked complete daily crime logs, among other problems. The six institutions are the Academy of Art University, California State University at Northridge, Laney College, the San Bernardino and San Diego Community College Districts, and the University of the Pacific.

In their responses to the audit, which were published in the report, Laney and San Bernardino disagreed with some of the findings. The others accepted the findings and said they were taking steps to correct the problems and following the report’s recommendations. Penalties for violating the Clery Act would only follow an investigation by the U.S. Education Department.