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In New Ad for Hispanic Voters, Romney Hits Obama on Soaring Tuition and Student Debt


The Chronicle of Higher Education - September 21, 2012

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign released a Spanish-language ad on Friday that blames President Obama and Democrats for rising tuition and high student-loan debt.

“Four years ago, Hispanics hoped Democrats would improve education,” the ad’s narrator says. “The reality is that more than 75 percent of the population thinks that college is not accessible, now that tuition costs have increased 25 percent under the Democrats and student debt is a trillion dollars.”

The advertisement uses footage of Mr. Obama’s promising “a historic commitment to education” and saying, “I want you to hold me accountable.”

The narrator concludes: ”On education, Obama and the Democrats have failed our children.”

The Obama campaign had previously, in an an advertisement last month, attacked Mr. Romney on the issue of college affordability, painting him as out of touch with students’ concerns.