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Cal State Trustees Approve Conditional Tuition Increase


The Chronicle of Higher Education - September 19, 2012

California State University’s Board of Trustees on Wednesday approved a 5-percent tuition increase that would be triggered if a tax measure backed by Gov. Jerry Brown fails to win support from voters in November, according to the Los Angeles Times. Mr. Brown’s measure, known as Proposition 30, is intended to help close the state’s budget deficit by increasing the sales tax as well as income taxes on high earners. The proposal’s defeat at the polls would trigger $250-million in cuts to the 23-campus system’s budget. Under the terms of the plan approved on Wednesday, tuition would increase by $150 per semester. In January undergraduate tuition at the system’s campuses would rise to $6,270. If the governor’s proposal passes, however, the system would forgo the tuition increase approved on Wednesday and would also roll back a 9-percent increase taking effect this fall, according to the newspaper. The board approved the plan by an 11-to-3 vote.