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Approvals and Accreditation

John Landaker

347 W. Leah Court
Upland, CA 91784

P: (909) 949-7307
F: (253) 369-3072

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Hi, my name is John Landaker. My associates and I at Approvals and Accreditation are consultants dedicated to providing professional, experienced, knowledgeable, successful, responsive, flexible, cost-effective, and time-efficient assistance to institutions, and/or corporations, engaged in degree and non degree postsecondary education. Whether you are a new school or an established school, we can assist you in the development of proposals and applications for state approval; development of applications for national or regional accreditation; Title IV applications and financial aid; program assessment and review; preparation for site reviews; curriculum development for certificates, diploma, and degree programs; review of curricula for certificates, diplomas, and degrees through the level of doctorate; internal review and assessment of administrative structures, personnel evaluation, and record keeping; faculty development and retention; development of enrollment agreements; review of student files, admissions procedures, transfer, and completion of graduation requirements; placement strategies; strategic planning; and new student marketing.